About the Artist

  Born in Canada, Mona King has lived and worked in the US and Canada and now resides in Minnesota with her husband and Golden Retriever. Art has been a central part of Mona’s life from a very early age. Growing up in Northern Ontario, she was first introduced to nature with most summers spent camping by lakes and rivers. It was during these summers she learned to appreciate the natural world and it’s many facets. At a young age, she started with pencil and charcoal drawings then gravitated towards acrylics. She was inspired by Robert Bateman, a Canadian naturalist and painter. Early in her career, Mona relocated to Cleveland, Ohio and once there became a frequent visitor to the Cleveland Museum of Art. She spent many hours mesmerized by paintings that captured the changing effects of atmosphere such as Monet’s Lily Pads. 

Mona's Passion

  Mona is a realist artist, intrigued with painting details with the least amount of brush strokes and letting the colors bleed into shadows.  Her paintings capture her attention to the different qualities of light that transform a scene.  Themes of her artwork range from every day street scenes to boats, water, and wildlife.  She continues to experiment with watercolor technique, closely studying the work of Graham Berry to better capture the uniqueness of areas and the feeling of being there.  

Mona is engaged in dual careers. She graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Master’s of Science in Nursing Degree. She currently enjoys a challenging and fulfilling career as a Family Nurse Practitioner while continuing to be passionate about her art. Biggest achievements, exhibits, awards: a finalist in the Artist’s Magazine Annual Competition in the Still Life category, featured artist of the month in the Artist’s Magazine, TV interview with local news, local competitions and art shows. Mona is a member of the Minnesota Watercolor Society.

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